Development Team

The Loring Energy Projects are being developed by Loring Holdings, LLC. The developers have assembled a group of companies, firms and individuals dedicated to the redevelopment of the Loring Commerce Centre. There are several Special Purpose Entities which have been established to develop these projects:

electric transmission -
Maine Power Express, LLC

MPE is a joint venture between LH and National Resources Energy to collect low-to-no carbon emissions resources in Northern Maine and Canada and deliver to the New England energy market. 

electric generation - 
anchor power, llc

AP is developing the Loring Cogen facility to provide in-region generation, capacity and thermal resources and anchor the expansion of natural gas into Northern Maine.

gas transmission -
Loring pipeline-2, llc

LP-2 is developing a 157 mile main steel pipeline and will be applying to the MPUC as an Intrastate Natural Gas Pipeline Utility to serve the Loring Cogen and LDCs in Northern Maine. 

Loring Holdings - Executive Team

hayes gahagan - managing member

Hayes Gahagan is a Managing Member of Loring Holdings, LLC. He is the founder, lead entrepreneur, principal developer and an owner of the Loring Energy Projects at the former Loring Air Force Base in Limestone, Maine. As Managing Member, Mr. Gahagan is responsible for day-to-day management of technical, economic, environmental, legal and regulatory matters for the project owners.  As a former legislator, he has been involved in various business-related assignments, including drafting of legislation, presentations at legislative hearings, special boards and commissions, and Governors advisory groups with specialty focus on U.S., New England and Maine energy policy, environmental affairs and economic development.  Mr. Gahagan was elected to the Maine House of Representatives and the Maine Senate, serving as a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs.  Mr. Gahagan received his BA and MA from the University of Maine and completed graduate studies in International Law and Economics at Manchester College, Oxford.


Ryan has served as project manager for the Loring Energy Projects since 2012. Ryan develops economic models, manages Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) regulatory proceedings, drafts proposals, motions, reports and other filings, conducts research and analysis on Maine and New England energy matters, performs geospatial research and mapping, participates in regional energy industry organizations, manages the Loring Energy Projects PR, communications and IT, and interfaces with outside engineering, permitting and regulatory consultants and attorneys. He received his BA in Communications from Gordon College in Wenham, MA in 2002 and is based in Portland, ME. 


Bill has served as legal counsel to the Loring Energy Projects since 2007.  He is one of Loring Holdings, LLC’s two Member Representatives and serves as Secretary of two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Loring Transmission, LLC and Maine Power Express North, LLC. Bill received his Juris Doctorate degree from Brooklyn Law School in 1993. While at Brooklyn Law School, Bill focused his attention on estate planning, business planning and taxation courses.  Bill was awarded the American Jurisprudence Award for Future Interests for excelling in his coursework. He has practiced law in Kennebunk, Maine since 1993. In 1999, Bill became a foreign legal consultant in Québec, Canada. In 2004, he started serving clients in Northern Aroostook County from an office in Fort Kent, Maine. Most recently, Bill opened an office in Hampton, New Hampshire to serve clients from New Hampshire and Massachusetts. As a Member Representative, Bill’s responsibilities include oversight of legal and administrative matters.

Legal Team - Rich May Law

emmett lyne, Esq.

B2B - Emmett E. Lyne is a Managing Director and member/shareholder of Rich May Law. (Website) Mr. Lyne concentrates on corporate, regulatory and finance matters for a variety of corporate, charitable and individual clients. He has served as lead counsel for multi-billion dollar projects for major institutional clients as well as for multiple private and start-up companies and funds. (Profile)



Real Estate - James M. Behnke, a member/shareholder of Rich May Law (Website), concentrates on the legal issues and problems associated with energy and telecommunications facility siting. Jim has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in areas of federal court jurisdiction, pipeline and LNG safety, federal and state land use and environmental regulation, municipal law, real property and tidelands and water law, right of way and land acquisition and federal and state eminent domain laws relating to energy and telecommunications facility siting.  (Profile). 

Maine Corporate Counsel - Drummond Woodsum

aaron M. pratt, esq.

Aaron Pratt is a shareholder at Drummond Woodsum (Website) and is a member of the firm’s Business Services Group. He represents businesses, health care organizations, investment funds, investors and Indian tribes in a wide range of corporate, partnership and commercial matters, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and securities matters, private placements, venture capital financings (representing both investors and targets), investment fund structure, health care compliance and Tribal economic development matters. (Profile).

Engineering and Market Consultants


The James W. Sewall Company (Website) is a Maine-based integrated team of geospatial, engineering and natural resource consultants who partner with clients to create practical, sustainable solutions. Sewall builds enduring relationships built on integrity, objectivity, and a broad understanding of evolving client needs. Sewall’s land-owner relationships will provide great value to the Loring Energy Projects.

Ken Borneman - standard energy group

Ken Borneman’s thirty nine years’ experience and proven track record in the manufacturing power industry, provides the necessary skills to be particularly effective for his clients. With thirteen years of independent energy consulting, thirteen years in the private Power Production supply and twelve years in the specialty board pulp and paper, mills steam and power supply, he has the expertise to meet the ever changing needs of today’s total energy and power requirements within the industry. From project design, business and management development, and contract negotiations, to O&M, fuel procurement, environmental compliance, engineering, accounting, and project oversight, Ken provides a realistic and productive approach to his customers needs. Maintaining efficient productivity through experienced management knowledge, professional diligence, technical skills and a hands on approach, Mr. Borneman provides his clients with the foremost quality product.

paul hibbard - analysis group

As Vice President of Analysis Group (Website), Mr. Hibbard has both public and private sector experience in energy and environmental technologies, economics, market structures, and policy. He has provided technical and policy analysis as well as strategic advice to clients in such areas as power system planning, electricity market design, natural gas commodity and transportation contracting, energy infrastructure needs, energy facility siting, the design and performance of market-based emission control policies, utility structure and procurement practices, and the administration of renewable development programs. Mr. Hibbard’s work has addressed the implications of new renewable and emission portfolio standards for retail suppliers; the impacts of transmission congestion management on power purchase contract pricing; the evolution of electricity market structures; utility ratemaking practices; and the transfer of U.S. federal and state emission control programs to other countries. He served as Chairman of the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities during a period of major change in utility ratemaking practices and state energy policy. Mr. Hibbard also has written on a wide variety of energy and environmental topics for such publications as Public Utilities Fortnightly and The Electricity Journal, and has authored numerous whitepapers and reports for foundations, commissions, and industry organizations. (Profile).

Strategic Partners

Loring Development Authority

The Loring Development Authority of Maine (Website) has been a strategic partner of Loring Holdings and its affiliates for several years. As an agency of the State of Maine, the LDA is charged with the development of the Loring Commerce Centre and is a strong partner dedicated to the success of the Loring Energy Projects.

Summit Natural Gas of Maine

Summit Natural Gas of Maine (Website) is headquartered in Augusta and specializes in bringing natural gas to Maine communities and rural or underserved areas where other service providers won’t or can’t go. The developers of the Loring Energy Projects have been working closely with Summit as a potential Local Distribution Company that could be served off the new 12-24" natural gas pipeline in the Searsport-Loring Corridor as proposed by LP2.

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