Article: Battle Brewing Over Renewable Energy & Natural Gas Subsidies

An article was posted today in The Free Press addressing the current status of the New England States Committee on Electricity's (NESCOE) initiatives. 

"Through NESCOE, the six New England governors have outlined two energy objectives: Maine wants natural gas, and Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts want renewable energy in order to meet strict carbon reduction targets. In addition to subsidizing the proposed natural gas pipeline, a regional multi-state plan would also help finance the transmission of power from local wind projects and large Canadian hydro plants."

The Developers of the Loring Energy Projects are dedicated to expanding natural gas infrastructure into northern Maine, gas-fired combined cycle generation for electricity and heat for industrial manufacturing and processing, and HVDC transmission of wind and hydro power resources from northern Maine and Canada to New England. 

We will continue to work with third parties, regulators and officials throughout Maine and New England to help seize this unique demand-driven opportunity to bring significant energy savings and economic development opportunities to the Loring Commerce Centre. 

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