Three New England States Seeking Clean Energy and Transmission

As has been anticipated for several years, three New England states, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, (the "Soliciting Parties") have teamed up to solicit proposals for "Clean Energy and Transmission to Deliver Clean Energy." The Soliciting Parties have issued a DRAFT Request for Proposals ("RFP") and are accepting comments between today and March 27th with an official RFP expected soon thereafter. A website was created to document the process and is located at

The developers of the Loring Energy Projects have been preparing for this solicitation for a number of years and plan to respond to the RFP with a proposal to deliver 1000MW of clean energy, collected at the Loring Commerce Centre and delivered via HVDC transmission lines underground in the Searsport-Loring Corridor and underwater to Boston, Massachusetts. The project is referred to as the Maine Power Express and more information about the project can be found at

We are excited about the opportunity to participate in the highly competitive bid process and look forward to providing our comments on the draft RFP and the issuance of the official RFP. Stay tuned...