Update on MPUC Rulings in Reliability and Contract Dockets

Loring Holdings proposed an 85MW Cogeneration facility to be located at the Loring Commerce Centre. The proposal served to:

  • Provide in-region generation
  • Resolve grid reliability concerns
  • Anchor the expansion of Natural Gas into the region

The proposal was being considered in two separate, but connected, cases before the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC):

Docket 2014-00048 - Emera CPCN: An investigation into the reliability of the northern Maine electric system (Docket 2012-00589) led to multiple solutions being proposed by several parties. As a result, the MPUC Ordered Emera Maine to file for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) for approval to construct a new transmission line between Monticello, ME and Woodstock, New Brunswick, while also evaluating the competing proposals. Loring participated in this proceeding as a "Non-Transmission Alternative." Ultimately, due in large part to the reactivation of ReEnergy's Fort Fairfield and Ashland biomass plants, the MPUC denied Emera's request and Ordered instead a small upgrade to the existing Tinker Transformer as the temporary solution to the reliability concerns. They plan a "Phase Two" investigation into perceived market issues in northern Maine and to evaluate proposals to connect northern Maine to the larger ISO-NE system (from Bangor to Connecticut). As a result of this ruling, the Loring project was not selected as a reliability solution. Loring will participate in the upcoming Phase Two investigation.

Docket 2012-00504 - Long Term Contracting: Loring first proposed the 85MW Plant and Pipeline in March 2013. After several months, the MPUC asked us to participate in the CPCN proceeding mentioned above as a non-transmission alternative. In April 2014, the MPUC deliberated the proposal and in July, issued an Order denying the Long-Term Contract proposal. Loring issued a Petition for Reconsideration in August, 2015. In October, the MPUC denied the motion. We greatly appreciate the time and effort that the MPUC staff has put into this case and while we had hoped for a better outcome, in a spirit of cooperation and recognition of the costs of further administrative actions for all interested parties, we will not be seeking an appeal. 

We will push on and continue to advocate for in-region generation and the expansion of natural gas for northern Maine. We will seek new opportunities for electric and thermal off takers for a power plant that could anchor natural gas infrastructure. Our focus now is on Phase One of the Loring Energy Projects, the Maine Power Express transmission line from Boston to Haynesville. Phase Two will potentially expand the line from Haynesville to Loring, while Phase Three will be the natural gas projects.

We appreciate your interest in and support for these projects. We are private developers working hard to bring economic development opportunities to northern Maine and will stay focused on this goal.