New Route Proposed for Maine Power Express

The Developers of the Maine Power Express 1000MW HVDC Transmission Line have proposed a new route for the project. Details are available at the new Maine Power Express website, at

The Maine Power Express is Phase One of the Loring Energy Projects. The project will be installed in 115 miles of the 200 mile long Searsport-Loring Corridor in order to collect renewable resources under development in the southern Aroostook County region. As wind and renewable projects advance north, Phase Two of the Loring Energy projects includes an extension of the transmission line from Haynesville to Loring. 

Loring Holdings continues to promote in-region generation solutions and the expansion of natural gas for Northern Maine (Phase Three of the Loring Energy Projects). As such, we will be participating in the upcoming MPUC Investigation into the Northern Maine Electric Market and Proposals to Connect to the ISO-NE System. We will use this forum to keep all interested parties updated as this develops. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: