Phase One: Electric Transmission

Loring is a 50% JV Partner in the Maine Power Express ("MPX"). The MPX represents phase one of the Loring Energy Projects. The project will utilize 115 miles of the 200 mile SL-ROW for the installation of a 1000MW HVDC transmission line to collect Maine and Canadian clean energy near Haynesville, ME and deliver it underground to Searsport and underwater to Boston harbor, landing at the Massport Conley Terminal and interconnecting at the K Street Substation. Learn more here

Phase Two: Transmission Expansion

The second phase of the Loring Energy Projects is the conceptual expansion of the Maine Power Express transmission line from Haynesville to Loring. Currently the vast majority of Wind sites under development are in southern Aroostook county. As these sites "move north" MPX will be ready to expand the infrastructure along with them, bringing full utilization of the SL-ROW. 

PHASE Three: natural gas infrastructure

The third phase, though developed in parallel, is the goal of bringing natural gas infrastructure to northern Maine. Anchor Power, LLC, a Loring subsidiary, is working to develop a Natural Gas-fired Cogeneration facility that would deliver energy, capacity and thermal resources for local off-takers, as well as anchor the expansion of natural gas infrastructure into northern Maine through a new 12-24" pipeline in the SL-ROW, under development by Loring subsidiary, Loring Pipeline-2, LLC.