Loring Announces Plan to Submit Revised Proposal

At the Initial Case Conference for Emera's CPCN for new transmission (Docket 2014-00048), held today at the MPUC offices, Loring announced plans to submit a revision to our proposal to solve the reliability problem through in-region generation and expand access to natural gas.

Significant progress has been made since the original Testimony of Project Sponsors was submitted in early June, 2014. New parties have entered the case, including the landowners along the various transmission paths being proposed by other parties, and the Hearing Examiners are preparing a Bench Analysis. Therefore, with the revised proposal, Loring will ensure that the most accurate and up-to-date information about the project proposal is available to all parties.

This case presents the strongest opportunity to bring signifiant economic development to Northern Maine through in-region generation and natural gas infrastructure. The revised proposal is expected to be provided on November 20th and Loring will respond to questions and take Oral Data Requests on December 18th at the scheduled Technical Conference. 

Learn more at www.loringenergy.com/reliability or contact us at info@loringenergy.com.