New Group to Promote Expanding Natural Gas Pipeline Capacity for New England

The newly-formed Coalition to Lower Energy Costs plans to hit the media hard to promote the expansion of natural gas pipeline capacity into New England and Maine in order to lower the cost of energy for the region. 

An article published in the Recorder yesterday is available here. This impacts the Loring Energy Projects in two ways:

1) The NESCOE initiative is about both a) increased natural gas infrastructure into New England, and b) importing low-to-no carbon emission resources (hydro, wind, biomass, etc.) from Northern Maine and Canada into Connecticut and Massachusetts. This is the fundamental mission of the Maine Power Express

2) Increased natural gas pipeline capacity will make the price for the Loring Cogen proposal even lower for the Northern Maine market by lowering transmission cost options for delivery to the facility.  

Loring Holdings, LLC filed our support of increased pipeline capacity in the NESCOE process, which can be accessed here on the NESCOE website.