The Loring Energy Projects

Energy infrastructure & economic development

Formerly the Loring Air Force Base, the Loring Commerce Centre ("LCC") in Limestone, ME is now a commercial, industrial and aviation business park managed by the Loring Development Authority of Maine. The primary assets of the LCC include over 3800 acres of developed land, significant road and rail infrastructure, on-site waste water treatment facilities and the 200 mile long, 50 foot wide continuous easement corridor, or "right-of-way," from Loring to the port of Searsport ("SL-ROW"). 

The Loring Energy Projects are under development by Loring Holdings, LLC ("Loring"), a private project management and development company, with offices located at the LCC and Portland, ME. The projects include utilizing the SL-ROW for the installation of energy infrastructure that will foster the development of renewable energy resources and industrial manufacturing in northern Maine. 

Read more below, follow our news postings or contact us to learn more about the Loring Energy Projects and our goal of developing the assets and resources of the Loring Commerce Centre for jobs, energy infrastructure and economic development for northern Maine.